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Ftrans Logistyka Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. tel. (62) 785 46 36
mail: palety@ftrans.pl
ul. Szosa Kępińska 45A
56-500 Syców
woj. dolnośląskie

Cheap parcels to Poland and England | Transport, shipments Poland, England

Due to the multiple detection of smuggling attempts, the regulations of UK-express have been changed. Please, acquaint yourselves with the new rules – of these   §3 was amended most significantly.

On12 June 2010, service uk-express.pl: fast parcel Poland-England-Poland became (along with three other courier companies) a part of Xpress trade & services LTD group. Thanks to joining all forces, we can offer you the best prices and the shortest delivery time, extend the scope of operations and improve our service.

Thank you all for the current cooperation and we kindly invite you to use our services further. We encourage you also to read the price list and the new area of operations map. Only we consider the total weight of all the parcels as the weight of a parcel.
Rate of exchange: 1 USD = 3,6615 PLN   |   1 EUR = 4,2991 PLN   |   1 CHF = 3,6641 PLN   |   1 GBP = 4,9071 PLN
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